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The String Cheese Incident - Merch - Music - K. Hollingsworth - Then There's Now CD

K. Hollingsworth – Then There’s Now CD


About the Product

On Then There’s Now, the second album from Kyle Hollingsworth of The String Cheese Incident, the renowned keyboardist extends his reach into areas that will excite longtime admirers yet inspire countless new ones. With his signature grooves and deep musicianship intact, Hollingsworth delivers a breakthrough album, with songs that are purposefully lyric-driven, and filled with emotion and catchy hooks. With Then There’s Now, Kyle Hollingsworth unveils his new musical soul and marks his true emergence as a solo artist.


01. Way That It Goes
02. She
03. Piece of Mine
04. Phat Cat
05. Don’t Wake Me
06. All I Need
07. Wide Open
08. Too Young v
09. All Inside
*Bonus Track *
10. On Fire

Additional Bonus Content on Enhanced CD:

Phat Cat w/Speech (Arrested Development), Lo-Fi
Looking Out
Fire Intro


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